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Bringing Historical Homes into a Carbon-Free Future

Eco+Historical was conceived as a company dedicated to honoring historic homes, re-envisioning and rebuilding them to make them more water and energy efficient, healthy, and appropriate for contemporary lifestyles...without losing the character that keeps them and the community they're part of rooted in their historical context.  We're both redevelopers and consultants, doing our own projects and helping others with theirs.



We buy inefficient historic homes filled with a range of toxins, from lead paint and pipes to asbestos, and redesign and rebuild them as family homes that conserve water and energy, use solar energy and high-efficiency heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water, and bring the built environment closer to Net Zero Energy.  Virtually all of our projects have achieved the LEED Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council.

Design & Eco Specification Consulting


We don't limit ourselves to our own projects...we provide consulting services to help guide others through their own historic home acquisition, team selection, re-envisioning, design and building.  We help homeowners and buyers find historic homes, understand what's possible given the constraints of building codes, provide independent advice on the architectural design in collaboration with the client's architects, and help spec out "green" materials, systems, appliances, lighting and lighting controls, plumbing fixtures, energy generation, etc.

Tap into our expertise in over a decade of building LEED Platinum Certified homes in San Francisco to help you bring new life to your historic home. 

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